You are about to embark on your journey of discovery. That dark deliriously exciting world that is Mine. You know that you feel compelled to join Me in My world and experience the uniquely unparalleled  joys of submission that are only possible in My presence.

Thus leave your mundane existence behind and embrace the dark fantasies that will come to life as I lead you on this intoxicating journey in respect of which you will want no end.

Booking Protocol

When requesting an audience with Me, please give alternative times and dates in the event your first choice may not be available. 

The more notice I have, the greater will be your opportunity to serve Me.

Please note that all bookings attract a 50% deposit. 

Prove yourself worthy of being in My presence by impressing me with your application. State clearly your preferences and what you hope to achieve while with Me. The clearer a picture you paint of yourself and your hopes the stronger your chances of attracting My attention.

While gifts are not necessary, thoughtfulness  is always welcome and gratefully received. Should you be stuck for ideas, perhaps My               wishlist may be helpful.

Sadly in the real world, the best-laid plans can at times be derailed. Cancellations may at times be inevitable. This is perfectly understandable but I require 24 hours notice of cancellation. The deposit may then be applied towards your alternate booking. As you can imagine last minute cancellations dictate that if I do not receive this amount of notice you may have to send a further deposit should you wish to book again. Thank you for understanding. 


Humble application to serve

I look forward to your submission.

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